1)    Who is this Internet portal aimed at?
Artists’ Pub is aimed at everyone who is interested in artists’ publications. This platform will enable you to access information about holdings of such works throughout Europe and beyond, and to conduct further investigations of your own. You will find an explanation of the aims of Artists’ Pub and the services it offers in the editorial.

2)    Who can present their holdings and activities on Artists’ Pub?
Artists’ publications encompass all works by artists that have been produced as multiple copies or published in any medium. The artists’ intention is that their works should appear in multiple form. This is the fundamental difference between artists’ publications and the work of art produced as a unique object.
All collections, archives, museums, publishing houses, dealers, and galleries, as well as universities and other institutions of higher education, which are actively engaged in the area of artwork existing in multiple form are invited to contribute a presentation.

3)    What must I bear in mind when preparing a presentation?
Your presentation should comprise 1-2 pages of text in English. We require your logo as well as a photograph of your institution; both will be permanently visible when your presentation is being viewed. Pictures of the premises, special presentations, and past or current exhibitions are also welcome. You can send us up to 10 pictures. Short video recordings lasting no more than 8 minutes can also be integrated into your presentation as an embedded link to the Internet portal YouTube. Links to online databases and finding aids of your institution can also be included.
Please make sure that the pictures are in JPG format with a maximum size of 120 KB and a resolution of 72 dpi. We also require a photo credit, caption, and copyright notice for each picture. Please send us only photographs for which the rights are cleared.
4)    How do I publish a presentation?
If you like to participate with a presentation on Artists' Pub, please contact us at contact(at)artists-pub.eu

5)    Is there a charge for placing an advertisement?
There is no charge for advertising events, exhibitions, and new publications. You need only fill in the relevant form (at least the required fields) and send it.

6)    What conditions apply for placing an advertisement?
Your advertisement can only be published if the subject matter genuinely falls within the broad area of artists’ publications. It may relate to an exhibition, an event (lecture, presentation, performance, etc.), or a new publication (whether artist’s publication or secondary literature).
7)    How and when will my advertisement be published?
The announcements will be sent out regularly as news items in a newsletter. After a news item has been sent out, it will be permanently stored in the news archive and can be accessed any time. Current news items will also be featured on the Artists’ Pub homepage.
8)    Who can participate in the forum?
The forum is intended exclusively for experts working in the complex field of artists’ publications. It aims firstly to foster networking and collaboration between participants, and secondly to facilitate intensive exchange relating to problems, of whatever kind, encountered within the various institutions in their work with artists’ publications. Scholars, librarians, archivists, and curators who are active in this field may apply to register.